Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Asahi Jūrokucha Tea "16 teas"

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 Asahi's Jūrokucha tea isn't any kind of normal tea but multiple teas into one. Jūrokucha literally means "16 teas" because it is a blended tea. It comes from leaves, grains and fruits such as; barley, kuromame, brown rice, job's tears, habucha, mulberry, lingzhi, persimmon, jiaogulan, kombu, sasa veitchii, sesame, mikan peel, black rice, shiso leaves, and eucommia. That is a lot of stuff and I don't know at least half of them yet it is considered a health food in Japan. It has 20% of your daily fiber which is great and there is 2 servings per bottle so that makes 40% if drink the entire thing. That only adds up to 10 calories for the bottle which is great. Originally the drink was from the company Chanson Cosmetics as a dry blended tea and in 1993 did this bottle as a joint project with Asahi. Right up my ally that have promoted it for diabetics because it's sugar depressant abilities. Because of the popularity of the drink many other companies have ventured and done the "multi tea" format as well, including Coca cola.

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Now the tea taste pretty good and I have been use to drinking barley tea served cold and hot and you can taste the barley in this tea. The color of the drink very much resembles green tea. With a strong flavor and great aroma plus as healthy as it is why not drink it. It is wonderful. I may have paid $2 for the bottle at the store as they imported it. I grabbed it because it was hot outside and they had it in the refrigerator inside so it was good to go to give me a refreshing experience. I would get this again and I probably would get it in Japan as well.

Here is a commercial for giggles!

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