Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mitsuya Cider

Hey everyone!
Today I have some Mitsuya Cider from Asahi Brewing. The same company that makes the Asahi beer.
Some background on it is that it was all started in 1884. Cider over in the east has a little bit of a different meaning than it does here in United State. It was usually produced in these metal bottles until recently when they produce them in plastic. Glad I got this one though. they also come with a lot of other flavors that I hope one day I get to try. 
It came in a little aluminum can that has a screw off top like you see below. You can keep it not refrigerated but before you drink I highly recommend that you do before drinking it. Now this "Cider" says online that it is like a cross of Sprite and ginger ale. My first sip actually reminded me a lot like a ginger ale for sure. It is refreshing & sparkling just like the bottle says. It has a lot of carbonation and Now I guess for importing matters they slapped the label on the back of it in English for Nutrition Value. This bottle is short though it's only 300mL but fits perfect in the hand.

 photo IMG_8276_zpsed69503d.jpg photo IMG_8278_zpsf1e2663b.jpg

It is like a clear soda color but has a slight tint like a ginger ale does. It really is nice to drink and glad that it comes in a twist off top in case you don't finish it you can put the top on and place right back in the fridge. I only recommend that you keep it around for a bit after open because it will go flat probably.

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From Mr. Tea
Here is an extra for you guys, a commercial!

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