Thursday, October 8, 2015

JDB Jiaduobao Herbal Tea

More herbal tea. I got this almost he same time I got that other random herbal tea. Heck these might be the exact same things because they sure did taste the same way. This had more English on it and the other might have been for another country. Different packaging might not mean different drink. They are both red cans so who knows. Long story short it is the same taste I got as the other that is reviewed before this one. Not a big herbal tea guy and this left a bad taste afterwards. Ms. Noodle didn't like it either. Pass people...just pass on it.


  1. There's nothing random about this tea... This brand (Wong Lo Kat) has been around in China for at least 20 years, and this style of Chinese herbal tea can be traced back to the 1800s! Of course the canned version is more of a beverage, much like Coke, Sprite, etc. Very commonplace in China. It does have a weird taste that not everybody likes.

    There's a wikipedia article on it:

    1. Thanks for the reply! Interesting article about the trademark dispute. I didn't know it was so popular in China.