Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Asahi Mitsuya Cider Candy

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 So Mitsuya Cider Hard Candy from Asahi is made from the ingredients being mixed and melted. Then exposing it to pressurized carbon dioxide gas and cooling it off. This makes the bubbles trapped and fizz in your mouth when you eat them.
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It seriously taste just like the soda. As soon as it hits your mouth you get the fizzy feeling from soda going wild on your tongue. After awhile it mellows out and you just enjoy the flavor again of the soda. Then when you reach the center you experience the fizzy feeling again which is great. It really is a nice candy to have and it fits in your pocket no problem. So if you don't have the soda, it is almost the same except in hard candy form. Kinda reminds me of pop rocks how they fizz but its solid piece of candy and tasty!

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I recommend it for sure!

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